Crumlin National School

Ballyglunin, Tuam

Seashore Safari Talk

Brendan Allard from Atlantaquarium in Galway visited our school to explain to pupils what we might find on the beach when we go to Salthill on our Seashore Safari. Many thanks to Brendan for his visit which was very enjoyable and extremely informative.












Spring Clean Up

5th & 6th Class carried out a Spring Clean up around our school and much to our dismay found lots of rubbish.




Absorption Experiment

5th & 6th pupils carried out an absorption experiment with paper towel, comparing and contrasting the different textures, quality, absorption, prices and value for money!







Comhghairdeas to all the 5th & 6th class pupils who made their Confirmation. It was a great day and each and every pupil was fantastic and made both parents and teachers alike very proud. Well done:-).













Snowy Spring!

Some photos of Crumlin N.S. in the snow before Storm Emma really arrived.

Sacrament of First Penance

Congratulations to the Second Class pupils who made their First Confession yesterday evening in Brooklodge Church. You were all fantastic! Thanks also to Fr. Howley for celebrating this sacrament with us.

Write a Book Awards

Well done to our Write a Book winners who received their award last Tuesday evening at the ceremony which was held in the Galmont Hotel.


The Water Cycle

2nd Class have being studying the four stages of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.

This experiment shows the four steps. We placed boiling water in the bowl and covered the bowl with cling film. We placed an ice pack on top of the cling film and left it for a few minutes. Later, droplets (condensation) had formed where the hot vapour (evaporation) had met the cold surface. Eventually the droplets became too large and dropped back in to the water below (precipitation & collection).

Hearing and Seeing Sound

This week 3rd Class were learning all about sound. They carried out an experiment where they could hear and see sound. First, the children banged the wooden spoon off a baking tin. The sound wave vibrations caused the rice to jump allowing the pupils to see sound also.

Spring Planting

This week we planted some chive and lettuce seeds. When they get bigger and when the weather is warmer, we will transplant them to our raised beds.