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Last January, Senior Infants and First Class were busy learning all about Magnetism. We carried out our investigations using various classroom items and categorised them into magnetic and non-magnetic. We learned that a magnet has polar ends (Norths & South) and that opposites attract.


Gravity: Designing parachutes


Third and fourth class had lots of fun designing parachutes when we learned about gravity. We carefully chose and measured suitable materials. We made parachutes for Lego figures. All of our parachutes succeeded in slowing down the Lego figure as it fell.


We refined our designs and tested different materials and different sizes against each other. We discovered that the best material was black plastic bin bags; the bigger the better!

3….2…..1……BLAST OFF!!!!

Last Friday, Junior Infants were very busy designing and making rockets. They constructed them from different materials such as insulating pipe covers, card, duct tape and elastics. They also decorated them with colourful stickers. They had great fun launching the rockets in the front yard from both their hands and a metre stick. Older classes were invited outside to view the blast off! We then had a competition to see who’s rocket traveled the furthest and measured the distance using strides. Our scientific work even made our News Copies!

Seashore Safari

Many thanks to Brendan Allard who brought us on the Seashore Safari to Grattan Park. It was a super day and 5th and 6th class thoroughly enjoyed the day. The children found lots of interesting species that they had never seen before including hermit crabs, butter fish, limpets, periwinkles, different types of seaweed and shore crabs! It was such a great day!

















Gravity Egg Drop

5th & 6th were learning about the Moon in Science and the effect of gravity in Space. We looked at the Mars lander and how space crafts need to have a soft landing on the moon. 5th & 6th were then tasked with designing a landing craft for raw eggs that were dropped from a metre above their table. We had some very inventive creations made from cotton wool, string, straws, tin foil, sellotape and lollipop sticks. They had great fun and 4 out of 12 eggs survived!! We invited the younger classes in to see our gravity testing eggs.



















2nd & 3rd Class Showcase

Today 2nd and 3rd Class hosted an Electricity Expo for Junior, Seniors and First Class. The students had the opportunity to demonstrate all their knowledge about the topic and show the other classes some electricity experiments. They also discussed electrical safety and what shapes were used to construct their lighthouses. Here are some photos from our event…….




Last week, 2nd and 3rd class were focusing on electricity. They discovered how to make a circuit, a circuit with a switch and what static electricity is. They predicted and experimented with materials that make conductors/insulators. They also designed lighthouses and fitted the circuits with the light bulb on top.

Seashore Safari Talk

Brendan Allard from Atlantaquarium in Galway visited our school to explain to pupils what we might find on the beach when we go to Salthill on our Seashore Safari. Many thanks to Brendan for his visit which was very enjoyable and extremely informative.












Spring Clean Up

5th & 6th Class carried out a Spring Clean up around our school and much to our dismay found lots of rubbish.




Absorption Experiment

5th & 6th pupils carried out an absorption experiment with paper towel, comparing and contrasting the different textures, quality, absorption, prices and value for money!