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Discover Primary Science and Maths Award

Fantastic News!

Crumlin N.S. have been successful in receiving the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Award for 2018. Our plaque was delivered earlier this week. Big thanks to all our little scientists and wonderful parents who helped us in organising various science, technology and maths activities both inside and outside the school. The pupils had a great year with all their extra days out, school visitors and workshops. Well done C.N.S!


Khan Academy

5th & 6th have been enjoying the challenge of Khan Academy. It can be very challenging but they don’t shy away from the difficult problems!!

Purifying Water!

5th & 6th watched a video clip of Chris Hadfield on  the international space station. He showed how astronauts recycle 93% of the water they use on board the station. We then carried out an experiment on purifying water. Pupils collected dirt from outside and then looked at all the filtering options provided to purify the water. Some of the filters worked exceptionally well and the water looked good enough to drink!

AVIVA here we come!!!!

5th & 6th had a super day today at Corinthians rugby club rugby blitz! It was a fantastic day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the competitive but friendly atmosphere! The great day was made even sweeter when we were drawn out of a hat to go to the Aviva Stadium and play there on the 16th of May. Only four teams get to go!  Many thanks to all at Connacht Rugby and especially to Peter O’Hara for all his training and support in our school throughout the year!


Easter Rising Powerpoints

We’ve been learning about the Easter Rising in history. 5th & 6th class boys enjoyed putting together PowerPoint presentations on the Easter Rising. They had some cool special effects and enjoyed presenting their work. The rest of us enjoyed learning from their presentations!


Seashore Safari

Many thanks to Brendan Allard who brought us on the Seashore Safari to Grattan Park. It was a super day and 5th and 6th class thoroughly enjoyed the day. The children found lots of interesting species that they had never seen before including hermit crabs, butter fish, limpets, periwinkles, different types of seaweed and shore crabs! It was such a great day!

















Gravity Egg Drop

5th & 6th were learning about the Moon in Science and the effect of gravity in Space. We looked at the Mars lander and how space crafts need to have a soft landing on the moon. 5th & 6th were then tasked with designing a landing craft for raw eggs that were dropped from a metre above their table. We had some very inventive creations made from cotton wool, string, straws, tin foil, sellotape and lollipop sticks. They had great fun and 4 out of 12 eggs survived!! We invited the younger classes in to see our gravity testing eggs.



















Seashore Safari Talk

Brendan Allard from Atlantaquarium in Galway visited our school to explain to pupils what we might find on the beach when we go to Salthill on our Seashore Safari. Many thanks to Brendan for his visit which was very enjoyable and extremely informative.












Absorption Experiment

5th & 6th pupils carried out an absorption experiment with paper towel, comparing and contrasting the different textures, quality, absorption, prices and value for money!






Write A Book Project

Well done to 1st – 6th Class students who participated in this year’s ‘Write A Book Project’ in association with The Galway Education Centre. The books will be swapped with another school in Galway this week. Books will be returned to pupils once again in a few weeks time.