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S.A.P Visit to Crumlin!

A huge thank you to Dave Ryan and his colleagues Maeve & Rebecca from S.A.P. who came to school today and spoke about Computer Science & Design Process to the children. 3rd & 4th class created remote control cars. 5th & 6th worked in teams to design and create bridges made from just straws and sellotape. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and showcased the skills and thought processes needed for differing careers.

















Liam McCarthy visits Crumlin!!!

There was great excitement in our school when Galway players Brian and Paul Flaherty brought the Liam McCarthy along with the Bob O’Keefe, Irish Press and National League Cups to our school. It was a great visit and huge thanks to all involved for organising the special occasion. The players were happy to answer all the children’s questions and sign lots of hurls, jerseys and sliotars! Let’s hope we’ll see Liam again many more times in our school!

Maths Day Parade!

Once again this year we had a very enjoyable Maths Fashion Parade! Well done to all who made a huge effort and produced amazing outfits for the day!












GOAL Jersey Day

Well done and thanks to our students for participating in GOAL Jersey Day. Crumlin NS raised a total of €221.93.

Visitor from Brigid’s Garden

On Thursday the 5th of October, Will Softly (in association with SEAI) visited us from Brigid’s Garden and held workshops with Senior Infants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Will informed the students of the various renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and had lots of fun with the pupils through games, puppets and dress-up. He gave us some great energy saving tips.

Will also demonstrated how chemical energy can be converted into electrical energy using apples!

Thanks Will for a great day!

Visit to New Motorway

On the 14th of February, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Class took a trip to the new Gort-Tuam Motorway. They were accompanied by Sisk engineers Noel Curtis and Alan Mullane. Our Green-Schools Travel Officer, Ray Foley also joined us for the day. The students learned about the percolation area off the Motorway which helps prevent flooding and also how the wildlife was taken into consideration when the road was been constructed. The children also had to opportunity to ask the engineers what their jobs entailed of. We may have some budding engineers after our day out!

K’nex Roadshow

The K’nex Roadshow visited our school last week in conjunction with Science Week. 2nd, 3rd and 4th class had the opportunity to build with K’nex. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the hands on activity and showed great listening, co-operation and teamwork!

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County Council Safe Cycling Day

On 20th October, Seán and Martin, from the County Council came to our school to instruct children from 3rd to 6th class on how to cycle safely on roads. They were extremely informative, friendly and helpful and the children learned a lot from them. They taught children how to correctly attach their helmets, braking skills, hand signals and taught them essential road safety skills. We ended the day by going on a 5km cycle to practise the skills learned. Thanks again to Seán and Martin for a very enjoyable day.


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Maths Week Fashion Show!

Once again, we had an excellent maths week fashion show. Well done to all who made such an effort with their costumes! We had some very funny and quirky ideas this year. Here’s a snippet……

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Golden Boot Winners!

Many thanks to all our WOW Day Walkers this week. We had a total of 95 students out of 123 stepping it out. Fantastic effort from students and parents alike. Even family pets made an appearance!!

Huge congrats to 1st, 4th and 5th Class who came joint First Place and won ‘The Golden Boot’. Their three classes had a total of zero students coming to school by car. This is a fantastic achievement and well done to all involved!

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