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Maths Week

Some pictures enjoying our maths station games during maths week.  

Maths Day Parade!

Once again this year we had a very enjoyable Maths Fashion Parade! Well done to all who made a huge effort and produced amazing outfits for the day!












K’nex Roadshow

The K’nex Roadshow visited our school last week in conjunction with Science Week. 2nd, 3rd and 4th class had the opportunity to build with K’nex. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the hands on activity and showed great listening, co-operation and teamwork!

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Maths Week Fashion Show!

Once again, we had an excellent maths week fashion show. Well done to all who made such an effort with their costumes! We had some very funny and quirky ideas this year. Here’s a snippet……

img_0879 img_0882 img_0894 img_0888 img_0886 img_0884 img_0895 img_0898 img_0900 img_0903 img_0907 img_0926 img_0921 img_0918 img_0912 img_0908 img_0929 img_0934 img_0937 img_0944 img_0946 p1050618 p1050617 img_0949 img_0948 img_0947 img_0898-copy img_0905-copy img_0903-copy img_0901-copy img_0900-copy img_0899-copy img_0907-copy img_0908-copy img_0909-copy img_0912-copy img_0913-copy img_0923-copy img_0921-copy img_0917-copy img_0916-copy img_0914-copy img_0925-copy img_0929-copy img_0930-copy img_0936-copy img_0940-copy img_0946 img_0944 img_0942 img_0941 img_0948 img_0949 img_0873-copy img_0891-copy

Maths Week

img_0891  To celebrate Maths Week we held our annual maths fashion show.  Well done to all the boys and girls that created some brilliant costumes. Also a special thank you to all the parents who helped create these masterpieces!!  Here are some pictures of our event.

img_0869 img_0874 img_0875 img_0879 img_0882 img_0884 img_0886 img_0888 img_0894 img_0895 img_0898 img_0900 img_0903 img_0907 img_0908 img_0912 img_0918 img_0921 img_0926 img_0929 img_0934 img_0937 img_0944 img_0946 img_0947 img_0948 img_0949