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County Council Safe Cycling Day

On 20th October, Seán and Martin, from the County Council came to our school to instruct children from 3rd to 6th class on how to cycle safely on roads. They were extremely informative, friendly and helpful and the children learned a lot from them. They taught children how to correctly attach their helmets, braking skills, hand signals and taught them essential road safety skills. We ended the day by going on a 5km cycle to practise the skills learned. Thanks again to Seán and Martin for a very enjoyable day.


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Euros 2016

To celebrate Ireland’s involvement in the Euros, CNS held our own competitive and thoroughly enjoyable Euros competition in the school. Children from 2nd to 6th were split up into groups and teams. 5th & 6th class boys then set up a league, refereed all the matches and kept an eye on scores and goal differences!!

Well done to everyone and congratulations to France who were the winners in the end!!

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Basketball Skills

Many thanks to Lauren Murray from NUIG basketball who visited our school to teach 3rd to 6th class children some new and exciting basketball skills. They’re turning into real sharp shooters:-)!

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Active Schools Week

Crumlin N.S. recently held our Active Schools Week which saw the whole school being active every afternoon for a full week. 5th and 6th class organised activities and drills for the younger classes in football, hurling, soccer, outdoor games, hockey, tag rugby and basketball. Here are a few photos from a very enjoyable and co-operative week.

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Basketball Fun!

Huge thanks to Ms. Murphy who organised for Mike Murray from Basketball Ireland to visit our school on Monday the 22nd. It was a superb day of skills, drills, tips and fun. The children from 3rd to 6th thoroughly enjoyed the day especially the intensely competitive games we played at the end:-).

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