Crumlin National School

Ballyglunin, Tuam

The Water Cycle

2nd Class have being studying the four stages of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.

This experiment shows the four steps. We placed boiling water in the bowl and covered the bowl with cling film. We placed an ice pack on top of the cling film and left it for a few minutes. Later, droplets (condensation) had formed where the hot vapour (evaporation) had met the cold surface. Eventually the droplets became too large and dropped back in to the water below (precipitation & collection).

Hearing and Seeing Sound

This week 3rd Class were learning all about sound. They carried out an experiment where they could hear and see sound. First, the children banged the wooden spoon off a baking tin. The sound wave vibrations caused the rice to jump allowing the pupils to see sound also.

Spring Planting

This week we planted some chive and lettuce seeds. When they get bigger and when the weather is warmer, we will transplant them to our raised beds.

Looking after the Birds

Here are some of our students keeping our bird feeder topped up during the colder months.

Scratch Programming

2nd and 3rd Class have been programming over  the previous few weeks learning lots of new scripts in Scratch….


Earth Model

This week some 3rd Class students created an Earth model from playdough…………

MS Readathon iPad Winner

Well done to one of our pupils in Rang II on winning an iPad in the MS Readathon Competition. Congratulations!

Write A Book Project

Well done to 1st – 6th Class students who participated in this year’s ‘Write A Book Project’ in association with The Galway Education Centre. The books will be swapped with another school in Galway this week. Books will be returned to pupils once again in a few weeks time.

Floating & Sinking

This week, 2nd Class discovered that objects that are less dense float, whilst objects that are more dense sink. They also designed a boat from plasticine that was able to carry passengers (paper clips).

Planting Cress Seeds

Last week, Junior Infants carried out an experiment: ‘Will Seeds Grow Without Light?’. One set of seeds received light and water whilst the other set was placed in a dark cupboard with water. They discovered that the set that got both light and water grew the best and were green. The other set grew a little but were yellow and not very healthy looking. Well done to our Junior Scientists!